How to Rejuvenate Your Smile with Teeth Bonding

How to Rejuvenate Your Smile with Teeth Bonding

August 4, 2022

Most people desire to improve their smiles but do not want to undergo invasive, expensive, and lengthy dental processes. Fortunately, they can rejuvenate their smiles through a straightforward treatment known as dental bonding. A dentist performing teeth bonding near you can transform your teeth, making them appear straighter, healthier, and brighter.

Dental bonding or teeth bonding is a cosmetic dentistry procedure where the dentist uses tooth-colored resin. The material is applied to the flawed tooth, sculpted, hardened then polished to cover up multiple smile imperfections. Read on to find out how the dentist in Sumter, SC, improves smiles through dental bonding.

Rejuvenating Your Smile with Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is fast, easy, affordable, and versatile, with excellent results. You can have several cosmetic imperfections improved with a single visit to the dentist. The cosmetic procedure rejuvenates your smile by correcting defects such as:

  1. Teeth Damage

Your teeth can chip, crack or fracture in an accident or when chewing and biting down on hard foods. When this happens, the structure and appearance of the tooth are affected. A dentist restores the aesthetics and functionality of the tooth by closing and sealing the damage through bonding.

  1. Exposed tooth roots

When you experience gum recession, the roots of your teeth become exposed. This affects the appearance of your smile. Receding gums also cause tooth sensitivity when the tooth is exposed to extreme temperature changes. If you have such issues, you can benefit from teeth bonding. The dentist will cover the exposed tooth roots to restore their aesthetics and prevent sensitivity.

  1. Small gaps between teeth

Some people dislike gaps in their smiles, particularly on the front teeth. If you feel that your smile would look better without a gap, then dental bonding can minimize it. The dentist will use tooth-colored composite bonding so that the filled part looks natural. This process will promote good oral health by preventing plaque from hiding between the gaps.

  1. Tooth cavities

Composite resin can be used when to fill cavities and cover or replace old fillings. The dentist recommends dental bonding when an existing filling discolors the tooth. This expert will use the resin material to fill the cavities restoring a bright smile and improving dental functionality.

  1. Unevenly shaped teeth

You may have teeth that are abnormally shaped or sized. Some may be too small, while others may have a different shape. The dentist can perform the dental bonding procedure to reshape your teeth for a uniform appearance. This resin material evens out the length and shape of your teeth to rejuvenate your smile.

  1. Teeth staining and discoloration

Teeth discolor over time due to the foods, drinks, and medications you take or aging. Most of these discolorations are inside the tooth and cannot be rectified through teeth bleaching options. The dentist in Sumter, SC, will cover the permanent stains with composite bonding for a brighter smile. You will be instructed on maintaining the white smile since the resin stains easily.

Tooth Bonding Aftercare

When you go for teeth bonding near you, your bonded teeth will resemble natural teeth in appearance and function. However, they will not be as strong and stain-resistant as natural teeth. The longevity of your rejuvenated smile will depend on the maintenance provided. If you take excellent care of the bonded teeth, your new smile may last three to ten years.

Avoid habits like chewing on ice, biting fingernails, pens, or hard foods with the repaired teeth. Doing so will keep the bonding material from chipping or cracking. In addition, the bonding material stains easily but cannot be whitened because it is non-porous. Therefore, avoid frequent consumption of colored foods and beverages that stain teeth.

Brush your teeth and floss daily to keep your teeth from staining. In addition, attend routine checkups and cleanings so the dentist can help you maintain the brightness for longer. The dental expert will also help keep the bonded teeth in perfect condition.

Improve your smile with dental bonding at Restorative Arts Dental. Our dental experts will repair your teeth to give you a natural-looking smile. We also provide cosmetic dentistry procedures such as crowns, veneers, teeth whitening, gum contouring, and dental implants. Contact us for a smile makeover that will improve your smile and boost your self-esteem.

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