Dental Sealants in Sumter, SC

Childhood tooth decay is a prevalent problem affecting millions of American children. Children with poor oral health experience unique challenges compared to their healthy counterparts. These include limited access to proper nutrition, speech issues, low self-esteem, and developmental problems.

A tried and tested way of safeguarding your child against cavities is by protecting their teeth using dental sealants.

Dental sealants in Sumter, SC are plastic or resin coatings that protect the molars and premolars against tooth decay. When applied to the back teeth, sealants prevent cavities with an effectiveness rate of 80 percent during the first two years and 50 percent after that. Our dentists near you encourage parents and caregivers with young children aged between six and 14 to bring them in for dental sealants.

Why Are Sealants Important?

Sealants form a protective barrier between the back teeth and cavity-causing acids, bacteria, and plaque. Children’s back teeth are susceptible to decay since they contain deep grooves that trap bacteria and cavity-causing plaque. Even with adequate brushing and flossing, your child can still develop cavities. Applying sealants give an additional layer of protection and significantly lowers their risk of developing cavities.

Dental Sealants Step-by-Step Process

Here’s what to expect during your child’s sealants application appointment at Restorative Arts Dental:

  • Our dentists in Sumter, SC begin by examining your child’s teeth to assess suitability for sealants. Please note, sealants cannot be applied on decayed or filled teeth.
  • If your child is a fitting candidate for sealants, the next step involves cleaning the teeth to be sealed. Cleaning eliminates bacteria and plaque.
  • After drying the teeth, the dentist lightly etches the chewing surfaces using a gentle acid solution. Roughening the tooth surfaces encourages better adherence to the sealant material.
  • Finally, the dentist applies the composite resin sealant material to the back teeth and cures it using ultraviolet light.

Applying sealant material to a single tooth requires only a few minutes, and the entire length of your appointment will be less than an hour. Anesthesia isn’t required.

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Sealants near you effectively reduce the risk of cavities. This painless process requires no downtime and is a crucial preventive step for safeguarding the oral health of young children. Adults, too, are welcome to get dental sealants at Restorative Arts Dental.

For more information, please call Restorative Arts Dental to schedule a consultation with our dentists in Sumter, SC.

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