Dental Bonding in Sumter, SC

Tooth bonding in Sumter, SC is a straightforward and non-invasive procedure that involves applying tooth-colored composite resin to a tooth to enhance its appearance. It’s a cost-effective solution for multiple dental problems and can be completed within a single appointment.

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When Is Dental Bonding Required?

Our dentists in Sumter, SC may recommend tooth bonding if you have:

  • Discolored teeth
  • Decayed teeth
  • Gap teeth
  • Chipped or cracked teeth
  • Atypically small teeth
  • Uneven or misshapen teeth

Dental bonding usually doesn’t require anesthesia. However, if you’re using tooth bonding to repair a decayed tooth, our dentists near you may opt to numb the tooth. You may also require local anesthesia if you have a chip or crack near a nerve.

What to Expect

Here’s what happens during a tooth bonding appointment:

  • The dentist uses a color shade guide to match the composite resin color to your natural teeth.
  • Next, the dentist uses a gentle acid solution to etch or roughen the tooth surfaces. Roughening the teeth allows the composite resin material to adhere better to the tooth enamel.
  • The dentist applies the composite resin material, molds it, and then hardens it using ultraviolet light.
  • If necessary, the dentist reshapes the material after it has hardened and then polishes it to achieve the desired final look.

Bonding a single tooth takes about half an hour to an hour. Your tooth bonding appointment may be shorter or longer, depending on your unique needs.

Dental Bonding Aftercare Guidelines

Dental bonding is an uncomplicated procedure that doesn’t require downtime. However, it’s worth noting that bonded teeth can still become damaged if not cared for correctly.

Some things to keep in mind after dental bonding include:

  • Brush and floss twice and once daily, respectively.
  • Avoid hard foods and snacks as these can cause your bonded teeth to chip.
  • Avoid biting your nails.
  • Stay away from staining beverages such as coffee and red wine, as these can cause your bonded teeth to become discolored.
  • Schedule dental exams and cleanings every six months.

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