Dental Fillings in Restorative Arts Dental Sumter, SC

If you visit Restorative Arts Dental with a chipped, cracked, or decayed tooth, our dentists near you will likely recommend tooth fillings. A dental filling is a simple restoration that rebuilds a tooth’s function and appearance after damage. Tooth fillings in Restorative Arts Dental Sumter, SC are manufactured from different materials, some of which are tooth-colored.

Fillings reinstate the structural integrity of a tooth after decay and other types of damage. Getting your tooth filled in good time helps to prevent further deterioration.

Dental Fillings Procedure

It takes about 20 minutes to an hour to fill a damaged tooth, depending on the extent of the damage and the filling material. Tooth filling materials include ceramic, glass ionomer, silver amalgam, composite resin and gold.

Here’s what happens during a tooth filling appointment:

  • Our dentists in Restorative Arts Dental Sumter, SC begin by examining your teeth to determine the size and severity of the cavity. X-rays may be required at this point.
  • Next, the dentist administers local anesthesia to numb the tooth. Sometimes, sedation is used to help the patient relax.
  • The dentist removes the decayed portions of your tooth using a dental drill. In some cases, a laser instrument or air abrasion tool may be preferred.
  • The dentist cleans and sterilizes the cavity and then fills it with your preferred filling material. The filling process may differ slightly depending on the material in use. For example, composite resin fillings are poured in multiple layers. That is, the dentist pours one layer, hardens it, and then pours the next layer until the tooth is filled.

Sometimes, a cavity may be too large to be treated with a simple, direct tooth filling but not big enough to necessitate a dental crown. In such cases, our dentists near you will likely recommend indirect fillings, also known as inlays and onlays. Inlays and onlays are custom-crafted in a lab from your dental impressions and then bonded to your teeth with dental cement.

Tooth Fillings Aftercare

Some crucial things to keep in mind after getting dental fillings near you:

  • Avoid hard and sticky foods after your procedure.
  • Brush your teeth gently, and remember to floss too.
  • Avoid foods that are too hot or too cold as these can cause heightened sensitivity.
  • Use recommended over-the-counter medication to manage pain.
  • In case of post-treatment complications, reach out to Restorative Arts Dental for assistance.
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